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UKAS Weight Calibration Quote Request

Simply count up the number of weights you would like to return to us for each class, and enter number in relevant box below.

For example if you have a weight set with 10 F1 weights and 4 individual F1 weights to be calibrated, the total number of weights to be returned will be 14 weights. Therefore you enter 14 weights in the F1 box below.

How can I tell the difference between E2, F1/F2 & M1 weights?

As a rule of thumb F1 & F2 weights will have the denomination stamped on them. E2 weights will have no markings. M1 weights and below will typically made out of brass or iron.

Note: Not all manufacturers follow these rules. If you are unsure please contact us for advice (please have your previous calibration certificate to hand if possible).